Until It's Our Turn, A Poem By Catman Webb

Until It's Our Turn
By: Catman Webb

Imagine a world without any trees
No flowers, no pollen, not even bees,
Some cats and dogs, some birds in a cage,
The last tree taken for a newspaper page,

No wild animals, only those on a farm,
No fear there, they can do you no harm,
Nothing in the zoos, they will disappear,
With none in the wild to bring them here,

Who will be proud to say "I killed the last one",
"Why did i do it? Cause it was so much fun",

Who will speak up, and who will run?
What will the world be when the killings all done?

The green grass gone, the sky a brown haze,
The grandparents will speak of the good old days,
The air will be bitter, the water all sour,
As humankind nears the final hour,

It won't end with a bang, but a choke and a tear,
As a blanket of people, realize the worst fear,
Blaming it on grandparents, as the end draws near,
Our future uncertain with progeny unclear,

Are we the grandparents, that will take the blame?
Make fun of the "treehuggers" call them a name,
"Blah,blah,blah, we hear it time and again,
Damn "bleeding hearts", they're all the same",

When the sky is orange, and the seas turn brown,
The fish belly up, no life to be found,
But hey, its ok we can do without them,
Until It's Our Turn,
To Face The End

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