Thoughts On Proper Gardening
An Essay By: Patrick "Catman" Webb

Part I of Proper Gardening
A philosophy is a belief and a roadmap.
Enlightenment can't be taught (or bought). It's wisdom which can only come from experiences, most of which can be obtained by not going anywhere physically. All the universal truths are deep within us, as we are all a part of the universal truth and so all connected. The universal truth is life, a power that's not physical. To stray from any truth, physical or non-physical, is to become less enlightened.

That's why hypocrisy is so life destroying. It's the people who not only lie to others, but lie to themselves as well. Our planet is a garden, and we are the gardeners. To find out if we are good gardeners or bad, one only has to look at the condition of the garden. The garden defines us a species. Each one of us creates the size of our garden by our desire to make it better.

The people with the most money may not even have a garden, so they are really the poorest of our species. They could however, have financial wealth AND a nice garden. All financially wealthy people should return some goodness for the blessings they have.

The size of a person's garden has less to do with money than it does love. Love of one's garden, which includes any living things and the environment it requires. The garden is even more than the physical life we embrace, it's the understanding of where all life comes from and why. That knowledge also increases the size of our garden. It's really quite simple. The more we care about life and living things the more we desire to know about them. As our knowledge of life increases, it makes us more enlightened.
Why? Because we learn more about ourselves through this process.

There are commonalities between all living things, and links that connects us. We can see our lost instincts through other species (which are never really lost, just either pushed back or misunderstood). Self-knowledge is the entire key to enlightenment, because as mentioned before, all the universal truths are within us.

To have an opportunity to do something good without hurting ourselves or any other living thing, is an opportunity for true wealth. It's a wealth that makes our garden fruitful. The harvest is self -satisfaction, self-respect, contentment and real happiness. Happiness is such an easy thing to realize. It doesn't require even a dime. It's in our output, not our input.

The higher road is always harder to traverse, but the view is better and the air is easier to breathe.

All good gardeners realize this.

Part II of Proper Gardening
Again, all humans are gardeners in a very tiny corner of the universe.
Humans made themselves that, when they chose to see themselves in dominion control. A human choice.

The truth is evident by looking at any garden. The gardener has no real dominion over the garden. He can only decide what is there by virtue of eliminating what he chooses to. He can weed this garden, he can kill the garden. He cannot conjure or create life, only guide it in it's arrival and eventual path.

Humans, in my opinion, must realize they are only one of the fruits of the garden, and never really own any of it. They guide the garden only because they are the stronger, and the more controlling.

How can we be the total overseer, if we are also a part of it?
We shouldn't be the bad weed that takes over and chokes out all the rest of the fruit in the garden. As every gardener knows, that has an eventual end also. Everything in the garden is dependent on everything else. A well balanced and thoughtful garden grows and prospers for a very long time.

It's not easy being the gardener and also a part of the garden, at the same time. It means we have to make choices. We can easily make choices that effect only us favorably, and harm all the rest of the garden.
Not very wise gardening.
A brown thumb?

Whenever mankind heads down this path of selfish and foolish gardening, he should stop and remember that he is only just a part of this same garden.

He too also answers to a Gardener.
The Original Gardener.

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