Wildlife Burdened
An Essay By: Patrick "Catman" Webb

Earth's Burdened Wildlife

Sometimes those that advocate assisting wildlife do so under that guise but are actually profiteering. Exploitation for sure. Others do so to fulfill an enhancement of their own egos. Isn't that exploiting wildlife too?

Animals carry so much more burden than we humans realize.

Their "wild and free habitats" are fraught with peril, even before humans arrived (but it is indeed far worse now).

Sometimes I can't help but view humans as some sort of virus against Earth's eco-system. But to think that, would mean I have no faith that humans will ever overcome their short-sided and malicious treatment of Earth. I love all the modern technological wizardry, especially PCs and the internet. I think though, that some huge disaster will have to befall us and reduce human numbers by 75% or more (sending us half way back to the stone age) for wisdom to supplant knowledge.

The incredible achievements in knowledge seems to have severely devalued wisdom. People need only to quit making so many more people for just a few generations, then we could enjoy all these modern marvels without paying such a terrible price. One child per only two adults (1+1=1, one adult + one adult = one child). Make it trendy, make it a popular concept. We could then have both knowledge and wisdom, and also have both technology and a clean balanced Earth.

Deer in the woods will overpopulate (if allowed) until there are so many, they all die. Bacteria will continue to reproduce at an exponential rate until they over-populate a petri dish and consume the nutrient and then die in their own waste. Humans sometimes don't seem much wiser than deer (nor even bacteria in a petri dish?).

Figuring out how to get more nutrient out of the habitat - is knowledge.
Knowing not to over-reproduce and die out fast - is wisdom.
To have both attributes, could mean extending our own specie's longevity and quality of life, even until the Earth itself stops.

Just a thought. The current population of Earth represents 7.5% of the total sum of all humans ever born on this planet.

With an out of control population, and no slowing of growth in sight, humans have now encountered the most dangerous predator in the history of our species.


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