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Welcome! I am Patrick "Catman" Webb. For the last year or so, I have been making web pages, mostly just for fun. I have created all my page designs in notepad and have learned much. I have continually experimented with different formats and design concepts. My work tends to lean more towards subdued and understated, rather than loud and flashy (although I can make a regular "circus" out of a web page, if that's what you really want). I have had the excellent good fortune of having a few good fellows as mentors.

Carlos Montana, designer of my original site. He has an artistic "touch" that is second to none. He has inspired me with the philosophy of "Content May be King, But Presentation Rules" (or something like that:). Like a younger brother to me.

Tom France is a genuinely great guy, and a true friend, who knows the "nuts and bolts" of getting a page made using only notepad. It's a grassroots education to be sure, but gets the job done, and makes certain that one truly understands "what makes what, do what".

Although my skills are new, I make pages constantly. I continually experiment with adding multi-media and test new concepts. As you explore my work that I have created (and work that others have graciously contributed) you will note that I am deeply involved in animal rescue,,,especially big cats. The sanctuary my wife, god-son, and I maintain, is called Top Of The Rock Animal Sanctuary. I realized upon finding the internet, that it could possibly be a valuable resource for assisting us in animal rescue.

If you are in the market for a web site, and your needs are not extremely extensive, please consider me for assisting you in your endeavor. The proceeds for the work I do, for you, will go directly into the care-giving of animals at our facility.

If your needs are greater than my abilities, that is not a problem either, as I can utilize the resources of Tomcat Web Services which could/would include my friends I have mentioned above (depending on how extensive, it is possible that all of us would "pitch-in" if needed). Tomcat Web Services can handle anything, with the talents of my friends and mentors.

You may use the menu, at the left, to navigate my work, to contact me, and view work of others. Use your browser's Back Button to return to this page, or right click navigation link, and select Open in New Window. Some of the pages I have made require having Java enabled, Macromedia Flash, or other possible plug-ins. Some pages (such as this one) will always be a "work in progress", as I continue to strive to better my craft.

Below, is a banner and a button, to show what can be added to your site to create potential earnings. If your requirements are greater, for instance E-commerce, then I can certainly enlist more "crew" to add the ability for you to take secure payments directly from your site. Please contact me with any of your internet needs.

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