Our Animals For Adoption

We have closed our wildlife sanctuary and I have retired from my job. My wife and I have not had a vacation in 32 years because someone always had to be here to care for the sanctuary animals.
We have re-homed Gizmo Tiger, our last sanctuary animal, to National Tiger Sanctuary.
Our sanctuary has now closed, after 32 years of continuous operation.

However, we have 2 dogs that were dumped on our place 5 years ago, that we have fed and cared for.
We also have 5 indoor pet cats, that were all once feral cats but are now tamed (very loving) neutered and in excellent health.
Our travel plans will not allow for animals. So, we need help!

Please consider adopting one (or more) of our very nice animals if you can provide a loving home.
Or, pass this link to animal loving friends who could help us.

Inquire to Patrick Webb, At: catman@catman1.com

Meet Flash
Flash is a beautiful, large long-haired male cat, about 5 years old. His mother was killed by a dog right after he was born. He was bottle-fed, hand-raised, so is very affectionate. He has always been an inside cat, neutered, uses a litter box and in excellent health. His fur is normally longer than my bad pictures show, but blew some coat in August. This is Karen's fave cat, and is very spoiled. <3

Flash 1 Flash 2 Flash 3

Meet Kit Kit
Kit Kit is a gray short-haired cat, about 8 years old. She arrived here out of the forest, at about a year old. She was starving and very thin. We started feeeding her (wouldn't you?) and brought her inside, where she has continued to live (primarily in my office). She is very very affectionate, spayed, litter box trained and in excellent health. If you want a lap cat, this is your girl :)

Kit Kit 2 Kit Kit 1

Meet Smokey
Smokey is a gray short-haired cat, about 6 years old. He was born feral but wasn't doing well outside. We brought him in, neutered him and he has been a personal joy of mine ever since. He's smart, affectionate (spoiled) and loves attention. He's litter box trained and tries hard to please. He gets along with all of the other cats and would make someone a wonderful pet.

Smokey 2 Smokey 1

Meet Jack
Jack is another gray short-haired cat, male, slightly over a year old. He was born as a feral runt. His mother had stopped feeding him and he was so tiny, that we brought him inside,. We had him neutered, litter box trained and have enjoyed his antics. He is a precocious little guy, on the small side, but in excellent health. He's a total joker and will keep you entertained continually. He's not overtly affectionate, but will jump in a lap, get some petting, then zoom back off. His "zoomies" will probably slow down as he gets older.

Jack 1 Jack 2

Meet Ginger
Ginger is is a male orange cat, rather large. I call him my "Chonky Boy". We really have no idea how old he is, as he and his brother arrived here about a year ago. I would guess about 2 years old. His brother is still in the feral colony and slowly being tamed. However, Ginger was totally different. He was affectionate right from the start. When he arrived for the free feral food, he quickly made up to me and would rub against my legs. I brought him inside, and unlike his brother, immediately was easily tamed. That was over a year ago and now he's super sweet (albeit large). He's been neutered, litter box trained and will make someone a great pet!

Ginger 1 Ginger 3
ginger 2

Meet Buddy
Buddy is a handsome mixed breed dog, who is about 6 years old. He's been an outside dog, but not allowed to roam. He's extremely friendly and loves everyone (except cats). He's quite smart and could easily be converted to an inside dog with minimal effort. He has not been neutered, but we can get that done for you, if desired

Buddy 1 Buddy 3 Buddy 2

Meet Pepper
Pepper is a cute mixed breed "cow dog", who is about 9 years old. She's been an outside dog, but not allowed to roam. Like Buddy, she's extremely friendly and loves everyone (except cats). She barks whenever there's something (or someone) outside,
so would make a good "alert dog".

Pepper 1 Pepper 3 Pepper 2

I know the quality of these photos are poor. They were hastily taken with a cheap cell phone camera.
We'll replace them as we get better photos.
However, it gives a decent idea about these animals. Please share the link as much as possible.
We want good homes, soon, for these guys.