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National Wildlife Humane Society
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Catman will burn you a copy of one, or both,
Signs Of Life, or Stark Raving Cat

Signs Of Life
(Jazzy Blues, Bluesy Jazz, Jazzy Rock)
Recorded in the studio with Catman's previous band,
The Confounders

Stark Raving cat
Catman's solo electronic music project.
Experi-Mental Cattunz

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Top Of The Rock Sanctuary/National Wildlife Humane Society
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Below is a YouTube of one of the tunes off of the Signs Of Life CD,
"Been Down (that road)"


Below is a YouTube of an electronica tune off of the Stark Raving Cat CD,
(featuring art illustrations from The Tigerman Saga)

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Learn about Catman Webb's Tigerman Saga Show.
You can get the Tigerman DVD as a gift from Catman
with a donation to NWHS/TOR.
The Tigerman Saga Show - Click

If you have not yet viewed The Tigerman Saga online (free),
The Tigerman Saga - Click